1Red dry wine, with soft acidity and a pleasant aftertaste. Clear red color and flavor that brings out the flavors of the Greek countryside. Served at 18o Celcius.


The unique local varieties Chiotiko krassero and Ayannitis, which used to be cultivated in Chios since ancient times are offering nowadays too, this excellent red wine.


Fermentation controlled temperature process is used for the production of this red wine, collecting premium quality grapes of composing varieties.


Aged for 18 months in a cellar with natural humidity and cold, so as to highlight the peculiarities of fragrance and color of the varieties, combined with the aromas of French oak barrels.

Wine with Protected Geographical Indication - Chios


This white wine is produced from a fine blend of Aegean varieties Assyrtiko and Athiri.

Excellent wine production from grapes grown on the slopes of Mount Amani with the

method of low-temperature controlled.

Wine with Protected Geographical Indication - Chios


This semi-sweet wine is produced from the local variety Chiotiko krassero, grown on the slopes of the Amani Mountains at the NW part of Chios Island.


Keeping the tradition of the famous «Kourouniotiκο wine», excellent quality grapes are spread in sunlight, so as to achieve a natural sweetener. Itisfermentedatcontrolledlowtemperature.


The maturation in oak barrels in the cellar of Ariousios, in natural wet and cold environment, enables this special sweet wine to be aged in the bottle for several years.

Wine with Protected Geographical Indication - Chios

OENANTHES-WHITE-FOR-SITEVarieties of Bigleri, Moshato and Savatiano.

Its distinctive yellow-green color projects youth and freshness. 

Flavors of fruits with scents of whiteflowers. 

It has a refreshing and balanced taste.


Full of flavor and smooth finish.

Deep purple color, with aromas of red fruit and  spices, produced by a combination of Greek varieties.

Served at 18o Celsius.